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Broadway Arts Lab is New Jersey's premiere Musical Theatre Training program.  Offering classes in singing, acting, dancing, music and so much more, Broadway Arts Lab allows students the opportunity to work with Broadway professionals and experience a true theatrical rehearsal process.  

Audition Boot Camp

Audition Boot Camp


Do you know you have what it takes to play lead roles, but your nerves in the audition room get in your way? 

Get ready for our upcoming auditions for The Wiz or for any audition you have down the line: from school shows to college auditions or professional appointments in NYC.


Auditions aren’t so scary once you practice what it takes to be your best in the audition room. Audition Boot Camp is the place to start.

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One on one teaching and coaching with Broadway professionals including:

*Vocal technique and song performance

*Techniques for cold readings and how to prepare sides

*Techniques to quickly pick up choreography at dance calls

*A mock audition including feedback in all areas


We will be using The Wiz as the framework for the class work, but participation in the boot camp DOES NOT guarantee nor is a requirement for the casting of our production. This is an opportunity to improve your craft, NOT a two day casting workshop.