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Broadway Arts Lab is New Jersey's premiere Musical Theatre Training program.  Offering classes in singing, acting, dancing, music and so much more, Broadway Arts Lab allows students the opportunity to work with Broadway professionals and experience a true theatrical rehearsal process.  

THE Arts Lab

About the Arts Lab

Founded in 2014, the BROADWAY ARTS LAB was created by Tony Mansker after a life-changing trip to Mexico City.  He had the honor of working with the young artists of T-Stage Performing Arts Academy and created the template for the BROADWAY ARTS LAB.  As a full-time dance instructor, it became clear to Tony that his American dance students were eager to expand their knowledge and learn singing and acting as well dancing.  Thus, the BROADWAY ARTS LAB was created.

At its heart, the BROADWAY ARTS LAB is a musical theatre training program.  We at the BROADWAY ARTS LAB place a great amount of focus and energy on preparing a spectacular final presentation.  Students are trained through the process of creating a show, and then reap the rewards of their hard work by proudly displaying their talents in a professional level presentation.  Without an audience, there are no actors; therefore the final presentation is as important as the training.  

The BROADWAY ARTS LAB takes its education and teaching very seriously. 

The faculty of BAL honors the “Old-School” methods of performing arts training while striving to stay on top of the contemporary and currently evolving methods of arts education.  Our faculty members are professional actors, singers and dancers, but most importantly highly qualified teachers, eager to share their knowledge and experiences with students.  This makes for a truly well -rounded experience for the students, where learning and growth is not only the goal but the inevitable outcome.BROADWAY ARTS LAB team believes that arts education is a necessary adjunct to academic education.  The BROADWAY ARTS LAB is deeply committed to providing a safe environment for young people to explore their unique and individual talents, through the medium of live theatre, specifically acting, singing, dancing and music.  Imagination, creativity, and uninhibited self-expression become the tools with which students begin their journey on the path of self-discovery through arts education.  Students develop new skills as individual performers while learning to work as a team with the other participants.  And, of course, all of this training is done in the spirit of playfulness and fun! 

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