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Broadway Arts Lab is New Jersey's premiere Musical Theatre Training program.  Offering classes in singing, acting, dancing, music and so much more, Broadway Arts Lab allows students the opportunity to work with Broadway professionals and experience a true theatrical rehearsal process.  


Take advantage of private training from Broadway Professionals

Private training is undoubtedly the quickest medium of change for any performer seeking to hone their skills.  The focused attention of a supportive teacher leads to expedient growth and accelerated understanding of more challenging concepts. 

Tony mansker

Mr. Tony is known around the country for his unique and special ability to train young performers.  He regularly continues his own education, diligently pursuing new certifications and greater levels of understanding of the performing arts, and the methods in which this information passes on.  Mr. Tony believes that a good teacher successfully blends natural talent and learned skill to most effectively help the transfer of information within a classroom setting.  With a burning passion for the arts and the stout acknowledgment of the need for high quality performing arts training, Mr. Tony offers his services as a teacher to serious students who have interest in working hard, and enjoying the experience and rewards of hard work, dedication and perseverance.

Mr. Tony now offers:

  • Private Dance Training- Ballet, Jazz, Conditioning/Flexibility
  • Audition Coaching
  • Career Coaching and Headshot/Resume Service
  • Interview Coaching

Eddie Pendergraft

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Eddie's unique Private Vocal Coaching incorporates singing and beginner piano theory. 

A break down of Eddie's Vocal Privates:

  • Warm Up
  • Pitch Association
  • Hands on Piano Theory
  • Learning pitch
  • Breakdown of actions
  • Song Interpretation 
  • Acting


For private training with Eddie, please contact, or call (718) 593-1869. 


Kathy Calahan


Kathy Calahan is a Broadway performer, teacher, choreographer, and songwriter—and is happiest when her skills help to inspire future generations. A caring and loving teacher, Miss Kathy teaches a variety of performing arts disciplines and works closely with the Broadway Arts Lab team in the development and execution of their unique programs.

Miss Kathy at present offers:

·       Private Voice

·       Musicianship and Ear Training

·       Piano lessons

·       Tap dancing lessons


If you are interested in training privately with Miss Kathy, please contact, or call (718) 593-1869




"Kathy Calahan has been instructing my 13–year-old in voice for 7 months and it amazes me how progressive she has been.. Kathy has a wonderful way of coaxing out the best of a young person’s voice with gentle exercises and a caring approach to the younger voice. As a professional singer myself, I am keenly aware of the solid vocal techniques she is teaching my daughter, but also the invaluable performance skills she is helping my daughter to master. Kathy helped my daughter accomplish her goal of admission into a highly selective musical theater program, honing her audition and helping choose perfect material to present. My daughter absolutely looks forward to her lessons, and we feel extremely lucky that a teacher and performer of this caliber is willing to work with my daughter and help her grow into a more developed singer and performer." - Juliet Ewing Kwan

"Kathy Calahan's teaching takes me to a place I never knew I could go. Every time I work with her I feel joyful and free. I am always telling her she should write a book because she is so filled with wisdom and brilliant metaphors comparing singing to other aspects of life. She helped me find my true voice, and that celebrating my natural voice is the most beautiful way to sing. I hadn't even planned to perform, but Kathy strengthened my technique and confidence so much that after less than a year of working with her, I took the stage in New York City and performed one of my own songs. The experience went blissfully well thanks to the gifts Kathy had given me."- Lisa Ferber

"There are teachers who are trained to follow established teaching methods and those who train themselves, uncovering a new technique for each new student. This is Kathy's gift. Her instinctual creativity guides her ability as she seeks to convey new ideas, problem solve, and beguile the best out of her students."- Alden Pagnaglia

"Kathy helped me sing so much better in just a matter of months!"- Joe Paglesi


“Kathy Calahan is one of the most inspiring teachers I know. She is patient, professional, down- to- earth and most importantly, a whole lot of fun. I couldn't recommend her more highly.”- Andrew Byrne

“Kathy has improved my technique so much that I feel totally confident in any tap audition. She’s helped me improve not only my tap technique but my approach to any dance movement.”- Juliet Ewing-Kwan

“As a teacher, Kathy is that rare combination of focused and laid back that makes learning both productive and fun all at the same time!”- Marsha Mercant
“Kathy is a highly skilled tap dancer and teacher. Her detailed musicality and strong technique make her an excellent teacher for both beginners and advanced tappers that want to hone their craft. I love her class!”- Jessica Northrup

“I rate Kathy not only two thumbs up, but ten toes as well!”- Bob Freschi

“Kathy Calahan’s class is a wonderful combination of learning and fun. She is precise and has a keent ear. She has a clear way of explaining individual steps and combinations and gives suggestions to correct tapping ‘issues’ in a gentle and encouraging way so one becomes a better, cleaner tapper. The atmosphere she engenders is upbeat, warm, and friendly. Her combinations are challenging, but not discouragingly so. Kathy has a keen sense of how far to push her students within the range of their abilities, and even beginners find they are doing impressive-looking choreography. I highly recommend her!”- Stacey Scotte